About The Gathering Place

Who We Are

We are a people from all walks of life who are on a journey together. We don’t have all the answers but we love God and we know that God loves us. We believe something powerful happens when the body of Christ comes together in one accord. We desire to grow in relationships with God and to make Him known in all of Sarnia. We believe that “church” should be fun and a place where everybody is made to feel part of the family; a place where the sick are healed, where the broken are mended, the lonely are looked after and the lost saved. A place where everyone is valued, everyone is encouraged and taught how to function to their fullest potential, and a place from which people can go and help others by giving away that which they have been given.

What to Expect

On Sunday mornings at The Gathering Place you’ll find a blend of lively worship, relevant Bible teaching and the chance to get prayed for by our ministry team. Every time you come to the Gathering Place, you can expect it to be different. Sometimes you will see people dancing; sometimes you will see people standing still; sometimes it’s exuberant, and sometimes it’s quiet. Sometimes the words of a song are displayed on the screen or sometimes we sing a song that has never been heard before.  Sometimes you will hear God speaking to a person which is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit called the gift of prophecy because we believe God will speak to His people today. We believe God wants to heal today so sometimes you will see the laying on of hands for healing. One thing that is always the same though is that we have to express our love for our God. At the Gathering Place we believe that God loves us and that He wants to meet with us. We make room for His Spirit to move and He does. So come early, meet someone new and encounter God. 

Our Vision

Our Vision is to build and equip a community of believers who love God and love one another.

Our Mission

  • Our highest Mission is to know Him more deeply and personally and to experience God’s Presence.
  • We give priority to intimate and expressive Worship.
  • We give priority to transformation through Training and Equipping the Body of Christ for     Kingdom work.
  • We give priority to Biblical Preaching and Teaching.
  • We give priority to Prayer – because we know the life of the church depends on it.

Our Core Values

  • As a PIH church we embrace the FIRE values:

F – Father’s Heart

I   – Intimacy

R – Restoration

E – Extending the Kingdom

  • We desire to create a Culture of Honour.
  • We desire to foster an Intergenerational Community.