You can be sure that I have seen the misery of My people … I am aware of their suffering. I have come to rescue them…”  (Exodus 3:7-8).

God knows everything that you are going through. He also knows that when you are in the midst of a difficult season, especially a prolonged one, it can seem like He is not there or that He does not care.

But that is not true.

God is always with you. You are never alone. You are never forsaken or abandoned. He is always working on your behalf. And He always has a glorious plan to rescue you from the oppression of the enemy, and bring you into a place of victory and blessing.

He always has a way to bring you out of the “difficult” and into your destiny. You begin to make the shift as soon as you choose to trust His love and goodness in the midst of your current circumstances, letting go of any discouragement or despair that may have hardened your heart toward Him.

Look at how the Lord reached out to Moses in Exodus 3:7-8. The first thing the Lord did was assure Moses that He was aware of everything that the Israelites had been through, and that no matter how it might have seemed or felt for all those years, He had not abandoned them, He cared deeply for them, and He was going to rescue them. Moses chose to believe in the goodness of God. He chose to trust God’s love.

This began the process of Moses and all of the Israelites being set free – of moving from “difficult” and accelerating into destiny!

Are you going through a difficult time? Does it feel like it may never end? You can begin to shift things today, right now, by looking beyond your circumstances and choosing to believe that God is good, that He cares, that He is with you, and that He will rescue you No matter what you are going through, God wants you to know that He cares, that He has a plan
to rescue you, and that He is well able to shift you from “difficult” to destiny!

Here are some powerful decrees to declare over your life:

God is Good!
God has good things for me!
God loves me!
God is for me!
God is with me!
God is working on my behalf!
I trust the Lord!

And I know that He is shifting me from “difficult” into destiny!


Mary Jane

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