Clear Vision

Clear Vision

I like this word for 2019 by Lance Wallnau.  It helped me adjust and come into alignment with what is important. It might speak to you.

“Old things have to end to make way for the new. Decide to push through to the new in 2019.

Clear out the space for God to occupy. Some things have to come to an end in order to move into the new wine.

People might have to go from you this year and some relationships have to go away.  Some practices have to be relinquished, life stages might have to end and destructive behaviors have to end to open up the space.

Know when things are over or you will be stuck. They might have been good things but should not be brought into the next season.

There is a time for everything.  There is a time to throw away.

But there is a sadness that comes with an ending but push through it to occupy the new thing God has for you.

Do not have too many things going.  Prune back . Realize you have to cut off the things that are not working.

Get a clear vision so you can prune for Harvest.  You must prune back.  Stabilize yourself to withstand pressure.

Walk in the Spirit verses Walking in the Flesh (ego)”

(word from Lance Wallnau for 2019)

Big Hugs

Mary Jane

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