God is a Rewarder of Our Faithfulness

God is a Rewarder of Our Faithfulness

I am one who does not give up very easily.  In fact, I think tenacity was given to me as a gift from my Creator.  A couple of years ago it would have been easy for me to walk away from my destiny and hide away and become a recluse. My dad died, my only son took his life, I fell and broke not one but both of my feet, my mom died, my husband of 48 years was diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer and I found out he had been having a 3-year affair with a co-worker which dissolved our marriage.  All this in just 2 years.

Rather than pull the covers over my head and quit, I decided to forgive and take what I had left, my little loaves of bread and a couple of fish (Matt.14:13-21), and give it to God so He could use it for His good pleasure.   I had my time of mourning and because I believe that my Creator God is GOOD and loves me to bits and loves to turn all things around for His good, I knew I would be all right. My life was in His hands. My faith expanded during this time just by trusting Him.

I cannot begin to tell you how my congregation so graciously undergirded me during my mourning time.  They picked up the slack where I could not.  I never knew I had so many preachers and teachers in the congregation.  They let their light shine in a very dark time in my life and let me rest to gather strength.

Yes, some people left but oh my gosh, I have the most loving church family a pastor could ever ask for.  Their tenacity, love and faithfulness is beyond anything I could have dreamed.

We are small but we are Family.

God is desiring to do a new thing in our lives and so I want to encourage you all to give what you have in your hand, your little lunch, and watch Him go to work on your behalf.  I have seen it so many times in my 69 years of life that God is a rewarder of our faithfulness.

The way you finish your current season will determine how you begin the next one. Embrace this season in its fullness.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Big Hugs

Mary Jane

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