Soul Spa

The Oasis

The Gathering Place is about to create a Soul Spa for the city to have a little Oasis, a sacred Space, a quiet, reflective, silent space, to pray, meditate, journal, talk to God, or soak in His Presence. This is your time to get rejuvenated.

There is nothing like quieting your soul and listening. Sometimes having a space that is unfamiliar can knock you out of YOUR comfort zone and into HIS ZONE.

Our doors are about to open Monday to Friday, from noon to 1 p.m. starting August 10th to drop in and sit awhile during your lunch break or before you go shopping for the afternoon.

Of course we will abide by our Government rules of social distancing and wearing a mask coming through the doors. Once seated you can take the mask off. And of course we want to respect each person by leaving this sacred space a no talk zone.

So, come and relax and quiet your soul. Breathe and be refreshed. Unwind and recalibrate. Reset your priorities.

You never know God might down load a witty invention or a creative idea.

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