The Journey to the Destination

The Journey to the Destination

I started this book club for people in their 2nd half of life.  I am with this incredible group of people, who come together every Thursday afternoon to enjoy community life together.  We eat together, laugh together, dream together and we are starting to see ourselves 10 years from now thriving, making a difference to the people around us and watching God move through us.

I am reminding myself that the journey to the destination is just as important as the destination.

Someone who knew I just turned 70 years young, asked me two questions.

What is the new version of you in 10 years?

What is the purpose for what you do?

Both questions are loaded with possibilities and yet I could not honestly answer him right away. But I am now just finding myself to dream again and letting passion arise again.  Even though in 10 years I will be 80 years young, there are things I want to accomplish in my 70’s. Actually, I am just a baby when you think of Moses at age 80 parting the Red Sea and his side-kick Aaron was 83.

The Bible says that without vision the people perish and I decided I definitely do not want to be on the road to perishing.

I find myself again and again wondering at the unusual road I am being called to walk. I have chosen to follow this unpredictable path, learning to embrace the beauty of the little precious moments of life, loved by God, family and friends.

All the doors to the past are closed. I have changed.  We have changed. I am learning that we cannot wear the old clothes or accept the old identities.  I hear His voice saying, “The future is not like the past.”

What is the newest version of you in 10 years?  And what impact do you want to make? Selah.


Mary Jane

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